Matt Dark Graphite Diamond Cut
Gloss Black
Zanias Center

Montecarlo HLT 20" - Κωδ: Montecarlo HLT 20

Εταιρεία: OZ


made in italy

The Montecarlo HLT wheel joins the OZ collections and is a new opportunity to customize the most exclusive SUVs and most prestigious Big Sedans

Product Details

Model: Monoblock

Design: 5 spokes

Production process: Low pressure casting process + Heat Treatment + HLT

Material: Al Si 7 Mg


hlttpmswinter proof



Oe cap ready for: Mercedes, BMW and Range Rover

Adaptor ring for: Audi Q5, Audi Q7, VW, Porsche need an OZ adaptor ring to use original center cap (accessory to be purchased separately)

Offset range: 18-60

Width range: 8-11,5

Holes: 5

Diameters available for: 19", 20", 22"